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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Enough to make your blood boil

I got the email Tuesday from the head of NOAA expounding on what a free and open organization NOAA is (mentioned in this free WSJ article: Statement Acknowledges Some Government Scientists See Link to Global Warming), and I was like, huh? That's sure not what all the top scientists who get asked for interviews say. And then in the article, the administration is saying that Tom Knutson was allowed to, and did, give some interviews -- that's true, we have an archive of them -- but 90% of them aired on the stupid Comcast local access cable channel, where no one sees them. It's the national coverage that might get someone's attention that gets turned down.

So, listen for those local experts on your local cable stations, because they might not be allowed to speak at the national level. You might be the only one who gets to hear them.

The thing is, the people I know weren't going to take any sort of radical position; they might've said something along the lines of, in their personal opinion, it's still an open question whether global warming is impacting the intensity of hurricanes.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Best non-tech internet shopping articles ever

Michelle Slatalla of the New York Times writes the best non-tech internet shopping articles ever. If you are female, anyway. Sometimes it comes off as snooty and expensive, but it's usually also humorous and informative. So many of my favorite splurges have been her idea. My Mad Gabs lipgloss, my shoe rack (or at least the idea of my shoe rack), and some of my more successful gift ideas. And a lot of other things I'm still keeping in my head as possibilities for future splurging, like Hammacher-Schlemmer vented umbrellas. Last week, her article was on coffee grinders, and I am so tempted... as were tons of people, I think, because the site she recommended nearly buckled under the load.

My brother has said that his dream job is to test video games for a living. I think my dream job is to write funny articles about online shopping experiences. Yes, okay, I'm being a little facetious.