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An initial foray into blogging.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

More blog musings

Still haven't gotten around to MacJournal yet, but have discovered that text for this theme is showing up in Trebuchet, which I like. I don't have "tahoma" or "bitstream vera sans", wonder what those are like.

So I'm wondering, how does this get paid for? I'm not seeing much in the way of forced advertisements on the blogs provided here. Google ads are purely optional, and even seem to provide the user with, well, something. Anyway, lack of forced ads makes this whole thing much more enjoyable.

Flitting through blogs with the "next blog" link is amusing. I wonder how many people start these pages and never post a second time? Quite possibly me, we'll have to see. Also, I think needs to find a way to kill the bots that are creating blogs. About a third or fourth of the pages I clicked through were nearly identical in structure and contained nothing but ads. Not even very good ads. It's also interesting how many deeply religious bloggers there seem to be.


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